Comfort Designs offers several different thresholds for every application in the industry.

Different Threshold Options

Comfort Designs offers three different threshold profile options depending on the subfloor and the method and material used to finish the floor outside the shower. Front profile height descriptions do not represent curbs. These measurements represent the front profile base thickness of a modular part and must be coordinated with finished flooring to achieve code compliant status.

Shower stalls without curbs increase the usability of a bathroom, as it provides additional maneuvering space around the shower entrance and allows medical equipment to roll easily into the shower.


Industry’s Lowest Trench Drain Threshold, with Fully Reinforced Pre-Sloped Floor

With the low profile ¾” threshold height, our trench shower system is designed to install on slab with no depression requirement.

  • The trench system has an integral floor flange designed to secure the system to the slab
  • 1/8” gap exceeds code requirement for comfort and safety
  • A wheelchair can move over the grate with ease

Transfer Showers ½” EasyBase™ Reinforced Threshold

Comfort Designs ½” base thickness EasyBase™ reinforced barrier free threshold can be installed directly on the sub-floor, saving construction time and money. Thresholds are compatible with many types of flooring materials, easily enabling code compliant transitions.

EasyBase™ Factory Reinforced Self-Sustaining Shower Base

Comfort Designs' self-sustaining EasyBase™ enhances the outcome of shower installations regardless of the threshold option utilized. It provides a pre-leveled shower unit that is ready to install on a level surface, minimizing risks of water drainage problems and soft shower bottoms, and can be installed directly on slab without a recess.

Not only does it simplify the installation process, it also reduces installation time by over 50% by requiring a minimum use of mud in the drain area only and by eliminating the need to job-build properly drafted grout beds.